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Student Academic Services

Disability and Accessibility Services 

Skidmore is proud to employ a Coordinator for Students with Disabilities who works as a member of the SAS team to ensure eligible students are provided accommodations necessary to obtain full access to all Skidmore programs and activities.  We are pleased to provide this web resource to incoming and current students as a guide to the services available to students with disabilities and the policies and procedures for applying for and implementing accommodations at Skidmore College.  Students are encouraged to contact the Coordinator, Meg Hegener, with questions or concerns related to the application process or the services available at Skidmore to students with disabilities.  

Mission for Disability Services

Skidmore College cultivates an inclusive and supportive learning community and values the diverse learning styles of our students.  We are committed to providing students with disabilities full and meaningful access to all college programs and activities and strive to provide individualized accommodations necessary for students to realize an equal opportunity to succeed. 

The Coordinator for Students with Disabilities in Student Academic Services works independently and in cooperation with other administrative offices and academic departments and programs to:

  • Identify and implement individualized accommodations while fostering the academic and personal development of students;
  • Ensure the appropriateness of accommodations in specific courses;
  • Further institutional understanding of students with disabilities;
  • Assist Skidmore to establish policies, procedures, and facilities that are in compliance with the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.


 The Role of the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities

As a member of the Student Academic Services team, the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities seeks to promote academic achievement and to help students take full advantage of the academic opportunities available at Skidmore.  Based on individual interests and needs, the Coordinator is available to provide training to help students develop skills and to access a wide range of support services such as:

  • Self-advocacy
  • Time management
  • Test taking
  • Note taking
  • Assistive technology
  • Personal and academic consultation
  • Peer tutoring
  • Group study

The Coordinator will personally review application and documentation materials to determine eligibility and evaluate requested accommodations based on individual strengths and barriers for each student who applies for accommodations.  Commonly requested accommodations include:

  • Extended test time
  • Test taking in a distraction reduced location
  • Books in alternative format (electronic)
  • Supplemental note taking
  • Test reading
  • Converted class and test materials (enlarged, audio-taped etc.)


If you have questions about disability and accessibility services at Skidmore College, please contact:

Office of Student Academic Services
tel. 518.580.8150
fax. 518.580.8149