Peer Tutoring
How to Become a Peer Tutor

Student Academic Services reviews the transcripts of all tutor applicants. All applicants and recommended students are required to be at least sophomores who have attained at minimum a 3.00 cumulative GPA, with a "B+" or better grade in the specific course or courses for which they are invited to tutor. Potential tutors are required to participate in a general tutor workshop or schedule a personal interview with the Assistant Director of Student Academic Services.

Students who wish to tutor and meet the qualifications may initiate the tutor selection process by completing the Tutor Application Form and acquiring the appropriate faculty recommendations. Students may tutor for more than one discipline, if they have appropriate recommendations from the different departments.

Also, at the end of each fall and spring semester faculty members are requested to recommend potential tutors for courses in their departments, and after a review of each student's transcript, those students are invited to become peer tutors. Though most of the tutor recruitment process occurs prior to or in the beginning of each semester, Student Academic Services accepts tutor applications throughout the semester, especially for courses for which there are no listed tutors. Once students are listed as tutors for a department, if they qualify to tutor other courses within a given department the student may add the course to their tutoring list.

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