Skidmore Volunteer Roles

Class President
Serve as the leader of the class in order to keep classmates and Skidmore connected to each other. Organize, plan and serve as a liaison between the class, its appointed officers, and the College.  Identify leaders for Alumni Board positions and potential award recipients.  Write two all-class letters per fiscal year.  In Reunion years, work with the reunion committee to plan and execute Reunion.  Maintain regular communication with the other lead volunteers of the class and the Alumni Affairs and Annual Fund Offices.

Submit news columns for Scope.  Solicit news from classmates via postcards, email, letters, or phone and work with the Advancement Editorial Associate to coordinate the schedule for these requests.  Share significant news items with the class and/or class officers.  Assist the Class President in submitting pictures and text for the Class Website.

Regional Event Volunteer
Be a leader for a regional event planning committee or a committee member. Help organize, plan and coordinate events in partnership with the Alumni Affairs and College Events Office to keep alumni, parents, and friends connected to the College.

Reunion Chair
Oversee the planning process of the Reunion Planning Committee.  This includes writing letters to the class about Reunion and acting as the main liaison between the Alumni Affairs Office and the Reunion Committee.

Fund Chair
Serve as the lead ambassador between Skidmore and his/her annual class fundraising efforts.  Write one or two targeted appeals per year to the class (more may be sent during the reunion cycle).  Maintain regular contact with class agent volunteers and call classmates to solicit them for annual gifts.  Work in conjunction with other lead volunteers in your class.

Class Agent
Contact classmates to ask them to join in giving to the Annual Fund or thank them for making a gift if they have already done so.  Maintain regular contact with your class Fund Chair(s) and the Annual Fund Office. Make your class agent calls and return your finished packets within the prescribed amount of time.

FOP Chair
Serve as the lead ambassador between Skidmore and his/her annual class FOP fundraising efforts. Lead by example as an annual FOP donor.  Call proven and potential FOP donors in your class to solicit them for FOP gifts. Write up to two targeted appeals per year to FOP donors (and potential FOP donors). Work in conjunction with other lead volunteers (especially the Fund Chair).