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Anthropology Department
Office - Tisch Learning Center # 218

Skidmore College
815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Michael C. Ennis-McMillan
(518) 580 - 5414

Linda Santagato


Michael C. Ennis-McMillan
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Anthropology

Tel. (518) 580-5414


Fall Office Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00-5:00 p.m.; and by appointment.

  • Ph.D., Anthropology, Michigan State University, 1998.
  • M.A., Anthropology, Michigan State University, 1994.
  • B.S., Biology (summa cum laude), Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Michigan, 1985.
  • Chair, Department of Anthropology, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2012-present.
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2004-present.
  • Dean of Studies/Associate Dean of the Faculty for Academic Advising, Office of Academic Advising, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2006-2010.
  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 1998-2004.
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, 2001-02.



Medical Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Grassroots Development, Water Control Systems, Anthropology and Education, Identity Politics; and LGBTQQ Anthropology (Queer Anthropology).

Since 1993, I have been carrying out research on the political and cultural aspects of installing and managing drinking water systems in Mexican communities. I have also carried out shorter research projects on water issues along the U.S.-Mexico border and on cultural aspects of health and healing in the U.S. My publications, conference papers, and current research interests focus on the cultural and political aspects of international health and environmental issues, particularly regarding grass-roots development in Latin America. I am also a core faculty member of Skidmore's interdisciplinary programs in Environmental Studies, International Affairs, and Latin American Studies.


  • AN101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (IA)
  • AN101W Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Honors/Writing Intensive Section (IA)
  • AN229 Mexican Cultures (IA/LAS)
  • AN244 Indigenous Cultures of Latin America (IA/LAS)
  • AN280 Ethnographic Research Methods
  • AN344 Anthropology and Environmental Health (IA/ES)
  • AN345 Ecological Anthropology (IA/ES)
  • AN349 Medical Anthropology (IA/LAS)
  • AN366 Senior Seminar in Anthropology
  • IG-201 People of Color/White People Dialogue (IGR)
  • SSP100 Scribner Seminar: Emerging Diseases
  • SSP100 Scribner Seminar: Human Dilemmas

Note: some courses count toward Environmental Studies (ES), Intergroup Relations (IGR), International Affairs (IA), and/or Latin American Studies (LAS).



  • Ennis-McMillan, Michael C. 2006. A Precious Liquid: Drinking Water and Culture in the Valley of Mexico. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. (ISBN 0534612857)
  • Ennis-McMillan, Michael C. 2001. La Purificación Tepetitla: agua potable y cambio social en el somontano (Drinking Water and Social Change in the Foothills). Translated by Carmen Viqueira Landa and Andrea Ruiz. Colección Tepetlaostoc, no. 7. Mexico, DF: Universidad Iberoamericana and Archivo Histórico del Agua. (ISBN 968-859-449-0)
  • Ennis-McMillan, Michael C., Theresa Ammirati, Andrea Rossi-Reder, Julie Tetley, and Robert Thacker
    Engaging Sophomore Students with Liberal Learning: Focused Exploration through Academic Advising.  A White Paper for the Teagle Foundation Initiative “Fresh Thinking for Liberal Education: Knowledge and Know-How for Student Learning.”  Available online:
  • Ennis-McMillan, Michael C. 2005. La Vida del Pueblo: Women, Equity, and Household Water Management in the Valley of Mexico. Chapter in Opposing Currents: The Politics of Water and Gender in Latin America. Vivienne Bennett, Sonia Dávila-Poblete, and María Nieves Rico, eds. Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh University Press.
  • Ennis-McMillan, Michael C. 2002. "A Paradoxical Privatization: Challenges to Community-Managed Drinking Water Systems in the Valley of Mexico." In Protecting a Sacred Gift: Water and Social Change in Mexico. Scott Whiteford and Roberto Melville, eds. Pp. 27-48. La Jolla: Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California, San Diego.
  • Ennis-McMillan, Michael C. 2002. Anthropologists and Campus Greening. Anthropology News 43(3):39-40.
  • Ennis-McMillan, Michael C. 2001. "Suffering from Water: Social Origins of Bodily Distress in a Mexican Community." Medical Anthropology Quarterly 15(3):368-390. Winner of the 2001 Rudolf Virchow prize awarded annually by the Critical Anthropology of Health Caucus of the Society for Medical Anthropology for the paper that best advances the perspective of critical medical anthropology.
  • Michigan State University. 2002. MSU TA: A Handbook For Teaching Assistants. Third Edition, Revised. Editorial Committee: Ann Austin, Michael Ennis-McMillan, Stephen L. Esquith, Michael W. George, Christine Jarzomski, Karen Klomparens, Thomas Page, Barbara Steidle, Donald Straney, and Marilyn Wilson. East Lansing, MI: Teaching Assistant Program, Michigan State University. Available Online: <>


2007 Project Leader for “Engaging Sophomore Students with Deliberative Dialogues: A Pilot Project to Enhance Liberal Learning” (with Project Co-Leaders Theresa Ammirati, Andrea Rossi-Reder, Julie Tetley, and Robert Thacker), with funds from the Teagle Foundation to support a collaborative working group, consisting of Colorado College, Connecticut College, St. Lawrence University, and Skidmore College, 2007-2010. 
2006 Project Co-Leader for “Academic Communities,” with funds from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  (With Project Leader, Pat Oles; Project Co-Leaders Beau Breslin, Hugh Foley, and David Karp).
2004 Travel Grant, School for International Training (with funding from the Freeman Foundation for curriculum development in Asian Studies) to participate in a faculty site visit to the SIT Mongolia Program, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, June 2-10.
2001 Visiting Research Fellowship, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, September 2001-June 2002. 
1996 Small Grant for Predoctoral Research from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research to support 6 months of field research in Mexico.
1995-96 Doctoral Field Research Fellowship from the Inter-American Foundation to support 18 months of field research in Mexico. 
1992-93 International Predissertation Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council and the American Council of Learned Societies with funds provided by the Ford Foundation.