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Can Education Majors Study Abroad?  Of Course they can!!  So why does the myth persist?

Education Studies faculty encourage majors to study abroad.  Last year 5 Education Majors studied abroad in Bath, England and Copenhagen, Denmark.  Sophomore students are studying abroad right now.

Next fall five junior education majors will be studying in: Bath, Copenhagen, Italy, and Ghana.

Education Studies Majors study abroad the fall of their junior year or the spring of their sophomore year.  Plan early during your first year.  Come in to talk to Susan Lehr, Chair of Education Department studies, PM 216.

Study Abroad additional details can also be found here.


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I had always dreamed of studying abroad since I was little, so of course jumped on the opportunity when coming to Skidmore. I knew that even as an education major I could study abroad, I just needed to be on top of it, taking the right classes and applying on time. I decided to go to Spain, as it was very important to me that I went to a Spanish-speaking country and decided I wanted to be in Europe! I was so excited, but did not really know what to expect. I ended up falling in love with Spain, and loved every minute of the adventure!! I lived with a wonderful family, enjoyed my classes and made great new friends! I also volunteered in a bilingual school and it was such a great learning experience working with my 3rd graders in both Spanish and English. I had the opportunity to travel all around Spain, and even took up Flamenco! I also taught English Conversation classes to adults, which was another great teaching experience. This was the best place to practice my Spanish and I am thankful to say I am now a fluent Spanish speaker. I truly had the time of my life and grew greatly as a person. The experience made me more confident in all that I do and gave me a rich and diverse perspective on life. I am sure in saying that studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can have in life; so get out there, be adventurous, and have the time of your life!!! - Meaghan 2013