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Environmental Studies at Skidmore College

ES 105 Sample Schedule

Lecture Date
Topic Lab
Week 1, Wednesday
Introduction: Why Science?
Week 1, Friday
Why Water and Why Loughberry Lake?
Week 2, Monday
Water and its Unique Properties
Scientific Method and Field Trip
Week 2, Wednesday
Week 2, Friday
Water in the Biosphere
Week 3, Monday
Stratification in Lakes
Lake Sampling Outdoor Lab
Week 3, Wednesday
Oxygen in Aquatic Systems
Week 3, Friday
Nutrient Cycles in Lakes
Week 4, Monday
Nutrient Use, Remineralization, and Limitation
Leaf Lab
Week 4, Wednesday
Photosynthesis and Decomposition
Week 4, Friday
Biological Aspects of Eutrophication
Week 5, Monday
Exam 1
Topo Lab - Drainage Basin
Week 5, Wednesday
Geology of Saratoga and Drainage Basin

Week 5, Friday
Loughberry Lake Drainage Basin

Week 6, Monday
pH, Acids, and Bases
Laboratory Analyses of Water Samples (Nutrients and Algae)
Week 6, Wednesday
Sources of Acid Deposition

Week 6, Friday
Case Study: Acidification

Week 7, Monday
Acidification of Soil and Water Bodies
Laboratory Analyses of Water Samples (pH, Hardness, Alkalinity)
Week 7, Wednesday
Acidification of Soil and Water Bodies (continued)

Week 7, Friday
Effects of Acid Deposition on Organisms

Week 8, Monday
Principles of Streams
Land Use and GIS
Week 8, Wednesday
Potential Contaminants

Week 8, Friday
Point and Non-point Source Contamination

Week 9, Monday
Principles of Groundwater
Stream Lab - Outdoors
Week 9, Wednesday
Exam 2

Week 9, Friday
Movement of Groundwater

Week 10, Monday
Groundwater Contamination
Groundwater Lab
Week 10, Wednesday
Food Webs

Week 10, Friday
Toxic Effects

Week 11, Monday
Soils Geology and Soils Field Trip
Week 11, Wednesday
Watershed Urbanization

Week 11, Friday
Biological Impacts of Urbanization

Week 12, Monday
Drinking Water
Water Treatment Plant Trip
Week 12, Wednesday
Week 12, Friday
Week 13, Monday
Water Use and Water Rights
Lake Sampling - Outdoor Lab
Week 13, Wednesday
Case Study: Watervliet Watershed

Week 13, Friday
Exam 3

Week 14, Monday
Course Conclusion - Final Project Discussion

Week 14, Friday
Final Project Due