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Environmental Science


ES 302 - Environment and Development in the Middle East  
ES 303 - The Politics of Food, Agriculture, and Social Justice  


CLUSTER A: Culture, Society, and the Environment

Courses in Cluster A examine the social and cultural dimensions of environmental issues. Drawing upon disciplinary and interdisciplinary foundations in the social sciences, humanities, and arts, these courses provide the student with an understanding of how changes in the environment affect social organization and cultural development. Courses in this cluster also examine how society and culture affect the environment and influence human response to environmental issues. Cluster A courses emphasize social and cultural perspectives (i.e., social sciences, humanities, and arts), although concepts in the natural sciences may be introduced as background material. Cluster A courses apply to both tracks of the ES major and the ES minor.

AS 221 - The Himalayas: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the “Roof of the World”  
  (Section E)
  (when topic is Literature and the Environment)
HI 264 - History of the American West  
HI 267 - American Indian History   
MB 351 - Special Topics in Management and Business  (when the topic is Business and the Natural Environment)


CLUSTER B1 AND B2: Exploring the Natural World

Courses in these clusters examine the physical and biological aspects of environmental issues and, to a significant extent, examine how these aspects influence and are influenced by people. These courses offer students a scientific foundation in environmental issues by drawing on disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses in biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, and/or other disciplines. Cluster B courses emphasize the natural sciences, although social and cultural dimensions may be introduced as background material. Cluster B1 courses apply to the ES minor and the Social and Cultural Perspectives track of the ES major, whereas the extended list of B2 courses applies to the Environmental Science track of the ES major.

Cluster B1



Cluster B2

CH 232 - Analytical Methods in Chemistry  
ES 252D - Topics in Environmental Studies  
GE 209 - Earth Materials  


EC 237 - Statistical Methods  
ID 210 - Introduction To GIS  
MS 104 - Introduction to Statistics  
SO 226 - Statistics for the Social Sciences  
SO 227 - Social Research Methods