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Health and Exercise Sciences at Skidmore College

The mission of Skidmore's Health and Exercise Sciences department is to study and expand the relationship among physical activity, nutrition, and human health.  Health and Exercise Sciences course work and research emphasize an understanding of the effects of acute and chronic exercise on human function, health, and the physiological and biochemical mechanisms that underlie the responses and adaptations to exercise.  Bolstering the Exercise Science curriculum is a commitment to physical fitness, health promotion, and disease prevention.  The Skidmore Health and Exercise Sciences faculty are committed to furthering the discipline and student comprehension by utilizing state-of-the-art facilities to conduct college-wide, regional, national, and internationally visible research, while maintaining important affiliations with many scientific and professional organizations. We invite you to research the Health and Exercise Sciences department at Skidmore College!

Recent News

Students, Christopher Darin and Caitlin Ketcham, attend the National Meeting of the Obesity Society in Orlando FL October 1-5, 2011 presenting a poster titled: Visceral Adipose Stores Decline Significantly Following 4 Month Lifestyle Interventions in Overweight/Obese Adults.

Christopher And Caitlin picture

Another $1 million grant for firefighter health research

Smith, Fehling to help set standards for firefighter safety

Wes Lefferts wins undergrad award for science research

Skidmore professor, T.H. Reynolds, receives $370K NIH grant for diabetes research

Drs. Smith and Fehling publish report on research, Sudden Cardiac Events in the Fire Service: Understanding the Cause and Mitigating the Risk.

Wes Lefferts '11 Wins MARC-ACSM Matthew Kerner Undergraduate Student Investigator Award at November 4-6, 2010 meeting

Drs. Smith and Fehling awarded second grant from Department of Homeland Security on Firefighter Safety.