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Student Research at Skidmore College

Student Research at Skidmore College

Since all Exercise Science majors are required to complete a senior thesis, the Department houses a lengthy compendium of student research. Studies have ranged from the effects of physical activity on resting metabolic rate, glucose metabolism and blood flow, to racial segregation in the National Football League. In recent years, students have collaborated with faculty to present and publish research on such topics as caloric balance in college dancers, the physiological responses to physical activity in federally mandated fire-fighting gear, and the effects of caffeine and Creatine ingestion on resting metabolic rate, body composition, and blood flow in college-aged and older adults.

Senior Thesis Research

Spring 2013

Exercise and Heat Stress affects on the Immune System
Presenter: Joseph Phalen
Advisor: Professor Gwendolyn Elphick

The effect of maximal intensity cycling on right ventricular function during exercise in endurance trained and normally active college-aged males"
Presenters: Michael Mozer, Tyler Masters, Miguel Santiago
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith

The effects of a 10-week exercise training program utilizing weighted shorts on energy expenditure and body composition in middle-aged women.
Presenters: Michelle Finan & Nataly Mendoza
Advisor: Professor Paul Arciero

The effects of SSRI antidepressant medication on bone health and muscle function in college-aged students
Presenters: Lauren Conway and Molly Gile
Advisors: Professor Patricia Fehling, Professor Casey Schofield (psychology), Professor Michael Smith (The Sage Colleges)

Effects of Dietary Induced Obesity and Exercise Training on CIDE Protein Expression in Muscle, Adipose, and Hepatic Tissue
Presenters: Jake Donohue and Sandrine Couldwell
Advisor: Professor T.H. Reynolds

Male circumcision for HIV prevention in the Hhohho region of Swaziland: A battle among science, education, and culture
Presenter: Johane Simelane
Advisor: Professor Jennifer McDonald

The Metabolic and Thermogenic Effects of a Whole Food Meal versus its Supplemental Equivalent
Presenters: Carmen Ramos, Kelvin Tavarez
Advisor: Professor Paul J. Arciero

The effects of different Cybercycling games on improved cognitive function and brain growth factors in elderly individuals.
Presenter: Max Martins
Advisor: Professor Paul Arciero

Spring 2012

The Effects of a Short-Term Exercise Intervention on the Physical and Mental Health Variables in a Population of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Presenters: Samantha Crose, Alyson Kessner, Joe Mooney, and Rachel Sotak
Advisors: Crystal Moore and Patricia Fehling

The Effects of a Brief, Daily Mindfulness Meditation Intervention on Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in People with High-Stress, Sedentary Jobs
Presenter: Gabriel Zieff
Advisor: Maxwell Ruby

The Effects of Carbon Monoxide on Body Weight, Caloric Intake, Fat Mass, and Insulin Sensitivity in Mice
Presenter: Benjamin Sell

What is the Relationship Between Balance and Sports Performance?
Presenter: Cristina Velez

The Effects of Dehydration on Vascular Function
Presenter: Jillian Bensko
Advisors: Dr. Denise Smith and Dr. Patricia Fehling

What are the effects of Manganese Tetrakis Benzoic Acid Porphyrin (MnTBAP) on Adiposity and Insulin Sensitivity in Mice fed a High Fat Diet?
Presenters: Leila Fussell and Elena Stansky
Advisor: T.H. Reynolds

The Effect of Compression Socks on Blood Lactate Levels During Maximal Exercise
Presenters: Ali Carney-Knisely & Isabel Ramos-Mucci
Advisor: Christopher Repka

Effect of Caffeine Supplementation on Short-Term Endurance Performance
Presenter: Andy McLaughlin
Advisor: Maxwell Ruby

Spring 2010

The Effects of Aging on Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Insulin Action in Adipose Tissue.
Presenter: Marika Toscano 
Advisor: Professor T. H. Reynolds

The Effects of Precooling on 5km time Trial Performance in male Endurance Trained Runners
Presenters: Lindsay Avery and Abby Klaus
Advisor: Professor Molly Winke 

The Interaction of Diet and Exercise: An Examination of Caloric Intake and Exercise Quantity in Mice
Presenters: Ashton Frulla and Allegra Robinson
Advisor: Professor T. H. Reynolds 

Cardiac Dimensions in Trained and Untrained Males and Females
Presenter: Jacob DeBlois
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith

Senior Cybercycling with a Virtual Team: Behavioral and Physiological Outcomes.
Presenters: Claire Buckley, Shi Feng Lin, Naoko Okuma and Nick Steward
Advisors: Professor Paul Arciero   

The Effects of Age and Isoform-specific AKT Knockout on Insulin Action.
Presenters: Nick Cinquino and Erin Merrell
Advisors: Professor T. H. Reynolds

The Effect of High Intensity Interval Training on the  Physiological Stress Response and Body Composition
Presenters: Larry Chong, Heather Friedman and Amber Kinsey
Advisor: Professor Patricia Fehling

Can In-Season Athletic Injury be Predicted by a Preseason Functional Movement Screen™?
Presenters: Katie Dalton and Jake Mendell
Advisor: Professor Molly Winke

Spring 2009

Exercise Prescription for the Elderly: Maximizing Compliance in a Low-Intensity Exercise Program.
Presented by: Samantha Bentley and Alyssa Ingegni
Advisor: Professor Crystal Moore, Social Work

Pre-Cooling and Endurance Running Performance
Presented by: Jennifer Piepenbrink and Elizabeth Holson
Advisor: Professor Molly Winke

Just When You Thought You Knew Everything: An Assessment of skidmore College Students Knowledge of Nutrition
Presented by: Megan Weagley
Advisor: Jennifer Burden, health Promotions

Protein Kinase B/FOXO Signaling Pathway in Skeletal Muscle: Effects of Age and Muscle Fiber type
Presented by: Alicia Brown
Advisor: Professor T. H. Reynolds

The Effects of Training Status in Modulating the Effects of Heat Stress on Endothelial Function and Arterial Stiffness Following Firefighting Activity.
Presented by: Rebecca Oring, Evan Pasha and Brian Perrier
Advisors: Professors Denise Smith and Pat Fehling

The Effect of Heat Stress Exercise on Autonomic Nervous System Function in Aerobically and Strength Trained Male Firefighters Following Firefighting Activity.
Presented by: Marlee Colligan and Jacquelyn Liebig
Advisors: Professors Denise Smith and Pat Fehling

Spring 2008

Ethnic Differences in Bone Mineral Density of College Aged Women
 Presented by: Zhixia (Ann) Lin'08
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero, Dr. Patricia Fehling 

"The Acute Effect of Cycling, Running, and Sitting on Spine Length in Younger and Middle-aged Males"
Presented by: Rachel Goldberg, Chelsea Lisaius, Becky Mooar
Advisor:Dr. Patricia Fehling, Dr. Molly Winke

“The Effect of Various High Carbohydrate Diets With Different Glycemic Index Values on Sprint Exercise Performance”
Presented by: Miriam Drace, Laura Henderson, Simeon Springer
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero

“The Effect of Congestive Heart Failure on AMP-activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Activity in Skeletal Muscle”
 Presented by: Jian Wen (Christy) Deng
Dr. T.H. Reynolds

Therapeutic Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Muscle Soreness and Plasma Creatine Kinase Activity After Eccentric Squats
 Presented by:
Shaila DeLea, Laurie Heiner, Thyra Johnson
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Fehling

Identification of a novel anti-obesity compound: the antioxidant MnTBAP enhances insulin sensitivity and induces body weight loss in mice fed a control diet (lean) or high fat diet (obese)
 Presented by: Jonathan Brestoff
Dr. T.H. Reynolds

“The Effect of Various High Carbohydrate Diets With Different Glycemic Index Values on Endurance Exercise Performance”
 Presented by: Greg Carlow, Sara Eddison, Stephanie Ferisin
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero 

"Disordered eating behaviors, bone health, and menstrual irregularities among college women: an assessment of the female athlete triad"
Presented by: Jessica Bergen and Abigail Lukens
Advisor: Jennifer Burden

Fall 2007

  “Changes in Beverage Consumption in College Freshmen”
 Presented by: Nicolette Brody
 Advisor: Professor Jennifer Burden

"Validity of a Commercially-Available Treadmill and Elliptical for Measuring Energy Cost in a Population of Young Adults."
Presented by:  Inga Shalmiyeva and Kaitlyn Mahoney
Advisor: Professor Patricia Fehling

"Dietary Induced Insulin Resistance is Independent of mTORC1 Activity in Skeletal Muscle"
Presented by:  Charles Phelps
Advisor: Professor T.H. Reynolds

Acute Leucine Treatment Does Not Impair In Vivo Insulin Action
Presented by:  Eli Zachary Berk
Advisor: Professor T.H. Reynolds

Spring 2007 

“A Comparison of Electrical Stimulation & Strength Training Using Eccentric Exercise on the Biceps Brachii Muscle
Presented by: Kate Hugo, Joe Tynan & James Woods-Corwin
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Fehling

 “Can a Bone Loading History Questionnaire Predict Bone Densities in Active College Females?”
Presented by: Krystal F. Coke
Advisor:Dr. Patricia Fehling

 “S6 Kinase Activity in Insulin Resistant Mouse Skeletal Muscle”
Presented by: Marcus Anthony
Advisor: Dr. T.H. Reynolds

 “The Role of the PKB/mTOR Signaling Pathway in Cardiac Cachexia”
Presented by: Robert Camacho
Advisor: Dr. T.H. Reynolds

 “Should We Stretch Our Body or Rubber Bands for Optimal Cardiometabolic Health!“
Presented by: Nicole DiMarzio, Tyson McKechnie, Amanda Mercep, Pam Brewer, Gil Rodriguez
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero

Fall 2006 

"A Comparison of the Muscle-Bone Unit in Female Collegiate Volleyball Players and Dancers." 
Presented by:  Karla Hawkins, Laura Ishkanian, Alexandra Lange
Advisor: Professor Patricia Fehling

 "Platelet Function and Coagulation During and Following Heat Stress"
Presented by:  Pamela Busineau and Scott Newell
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith
“Heat Stress and the Inflammatory Response”
Presented by:  Andrew Miller
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith

Spring 2006

"Tortoise or the Hare? Which is Better for Insulin Sensitivity, Glucose Tolerance and Inflammatory Cytokines?"
Students: Benjamin Clippinger, Thomas Spinella, Eryn Relyea, Danielle Bonitatibus
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero

Fall 2005

"Hemostatic and Inflammatory Responses to Exercise Induced Heat Stress in Normally Trained Males"
Students: Anne Ledyard and Melanie Cyr
Advisor: Dr. Denise Smith

"Hemostatic and Inflammatory Responses to Exercise Induced Heat Stress in Highly Trained Males"
Students: Alexandra Harding and Mikayla Nemes
Advisor: Dr. Denise Smith

Spring 2005

“Comparison of Meal Frequency (3vs.6 meals/day) and Macronutrient Composition (higher vs. lower protein) on Total and Regional Body Composition in Men and Women”
Students: J.P. Corry and Pamela Gagne
Advisors: Dr. Patricia Fehling and Dr. Paul Arciero

“Impact of Meal Frequency (3vs.6 meals/day) and Macronutrient Composition (higher vs. lower protein) on Resting Energy Expenditure, Postprandial Thermogenesis and Plasma Glucose in Men and Women”
Student: Jared Simon
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero

“Relation of Meal Frequency (3vs.6 meals/day) and Macronutrient Composition (higher vs. lower protein) on Endothelial Function, Peripheral Blood Flow and Cardiovascular Risk in Men and Women”
Student: Max Ruby
Advisors: Dr. Denise Smith and Dr. Paul Arciero

“Influence of Meal Frequency (3vs.6 meals/day) and Macronutrient Composition (higher vs. lower protein) on Psychological Mood States in Men and Women”
Students: Ashley Lipes and Dana Martin
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero

“A Comparison Of Homocysteine, Endothelial Function, And Platelet Function Between Healthy Male Vegetarians And Non-Vegetarians”
Students: Catherine Casella and Sarah Davis
Advisor: Dr. Denise Smith

Other Activities Involving Students

Each year, outstanding specialists are brought to the campus to lecture and conduct clinics or workshops in an area of Exercise Science. Recent visitors have included Bob Costas (NBC Sports), Dr. Douglas Hastad (Dean, University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse), Dr. George Sage (author and scholar, University of Northern Colorado), Gail Dalsky (University of Connecticut Osteoporosis Center), Wayne Osness (University of Kansas, Olympic Education Committee) and Barbara Moore (President and CEO of C. Everett Koop's "Shape Up America"). The Department has also sponsored two nationally recognized symposia in recent years: the 1980 Olympic Symposia at Skidmore College, featuring guest speakers Sir Roger Bannister (the first athlete to break the 4 minute mile) and Harry Edwards (author, civil rights activist, and Major League Baseball consultant); and the 1984 Conference on Sport and Higher Education, featuring guest speakers Ernest Boyer (President of the Carnagie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching) and George Hanford (President of the College Board).