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Languages Across the Curriculum

The Languages Across the Curriculum Program allows students with high intermediate to advanced competency to integrate foreign language to their study of disciplines commonly taught in English. LAC allows them to enrich and expand the intercultural and international content of such courses, and to expand their foreign language proficiency. Cross-cultural and multilingual inquiry affords a more complete learning experience and provides a basis for comparative understanding not available when limited to the use of resources in only one language. In connecting LAC with a course taught in English, students will develop a deeper and more precise understanding of the target language and culture by reading in that language. Students will also attain a better understanding of how a different culture approaches the discipline in question.

In order to participate in Skidmore’s LAC, you need to enroll in a LAC class in the language of your choice and connect it with a class in a department other than Foreign Languages and Literatures. There two levels of LAC: one at the intermediate level, a 1-credit 220 LAC course offered in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, and an advanced 2-credit 340 LAC course offered in French, German, and Spanish, with other languages to be added in Spring '08. Majors and Minors in International Studies, and Minors in Latin American Studies, are required to complete at least one unit of LAC (220).

Sampling of courses with which a LAC course easily connects:
AH 261 Twentieth-Century Art
AN 205 Mesoamerican Archaeology
AN 228 Mexican Cultures
AN 243 Latin American Indians
AN 270 History of Anthropological Thought
AN 344 Anthropology and Environmental Health
AN 345 Ecological Anthropology
AN 349 Medical Anthropology
BI 321 Tropical Ecology
EN 316 Economics of Development
EC 319 Economics of Income Distribution and Poverty
FL 250 An Outline of German Civilization
FL 252 Italian Cinema: From Fiction to Film
FL 253 Italian Civilization in Translation
FL 257 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
FL 258 Chinese Civilization
FL 263 The Fantastic in Fiction
FL 322 French Film
GO 209 The Latin American Puzzle
GO 309 Latin America and the United States
GO 353 Sex and Power
HI 108 Colonial Latin America
HI 109 Contemporary Latin American
HI 228 Race, Class, and Gender in Latin America
HI 241 Introduction to Imperial China
HI 247 The Rise of Japan
HI 305 The French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815
GI 335 German History since 1814
HI 343 The Chinese Revolution
HI 347 Japan’s Modernizers
IA 100 Introduction to International Affairs.
LS2 149 Art and Ideas in Italy
LS2 158 Self and Desire: A Study of Don Juan
LS2 163 China and the West: The Myth of the Other
LS2 165 Modern China and Japan in narrative and Film
LS2 190 The Human Experience of Exile
LS2 191 Dante’s Divine Comedy
LS2 197 Images of Contemporary Italian Women
MB 337 Advertising and Promotion
MB 344 International Marketing
MB 359 Global Financial Institutions
PH 204 History of Philosophy: Early Modern
PH 306 Nineteenth Century Continental Philosophy
PH 307 Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy