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Foreign Language Requirement and Placement

To fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement at Skidmore all students must complete one course in a Foreign Language designated course in the Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures or Classics. The course must be appropriate to the student's level of language expertise determined as follows: 

  • Students with a minimum of one year of prior language study are excluded from taking a 101 course. 
  • Students with a score of 3 on an A.P. test should enroll in courses above the 203 level (usually a composition or conversation course).
  • Students who have taken the SAT II exam for a foreign language should refer to the chart below for placement information. 
  • Students can take a web-based placement exam (WebCAPE) at any time. Click here for WebCAPE instructions.

For placement into languages other than French, German, and Spanish, contact the appropriate faculty in the departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures or Classics. 

For students placing above 203 in French:
Students placing above the 203 level typically enroll in either FF 206 (French Cultural Conversation) or FF 208 (Writing in French).  We strongly recommend that students planning to continue studying French, particularly those considering a French minor or major, begin with FF 208 since it is required for majors and minors and serves as a foundation for the rest of the curriculum.   FF 206 counts toward the major as an elective.

WebCAPE Placement Exams for French, German, and Spanish: 

0 - 339 French 102, German 102 or 103, Spanish 103
340- 390 French, German, Spanish 203
391 and above French, German, Spanish courses above the 203 level

SAT II Foreign Language Exams:

0 - 490 French 102, German or Italian102 or 103, Spanish 103
500- 560

Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish 203;

570 and above Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese courses above the 203 level


WebCAPE Instructions:

  • In your internet browser, go to:
  • Enter password: tbreds1 ("tbreds" followed by the digit "1")
  • Select the language: French, German, or Spanish
  • Enter your Skidmore I.D. number. This is a nine-digit number that you should have received from the Registrar's Office.
  • Click on "Continue". The first screen is a practice item. After that, you will begin the exam.
  • Your placement score will be displayed at the end of the exam. Be sure to click on "Finished" to send a copy of this information to Skidmore.
  • Please Note: There is a 24-hour delay for this score to show up in the Skidmore Student System. Therefore, we recommend taking the exam at least one day prior to your registration timeslot or you can print the final page and bring it into the Registrar's Office for a manual override.

    Placement according to your WebCAPE score is determined as follows:



0 - 339

French 102
German 102 or 103
Spanish 103

340- 390

French, German, Spanish 203

391 and above

French, German, Spanish courses ABOVE the 203 level