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IT Public Computing Tips

Guest Accounts

Skidmore College maintains a private network. Therefore, only people with a relationship to Skidmore College may use our Ethernet and wireless network. Members of the community at large, with no relationship with the college, may not enter campus and use the network.

However, we do have short term guest accounts for those with a relationship to the college. These include such categories of guests as alumni, students' family members, an employee's family member, visiting lecturers, visiting performers, visiting artists, conference attendees, and vendors.

Please contact the help desk to request a guest account. Only a few simple pieces of information are necessary for us to generate a guest username and password.

Help Line: (518) 580-5900

Logging Into Skidmore Wireless

Windows Vista: Connect to Wireless

Apple Macintosh Public Printing

What version of OS X? Apple menu > About this Mac
Connect OS X 10.3 or 10.4 to a public printer
Connect OS X 10.5 to a public printer

Microsoft Windows Public Printing

Connect Microsoft Windows to a network printer

Software for Public Lab Computers

Faculty may suggest new software for public labs by help ticket.