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Computer Room Move

We all know the feeling of when we run out of space. Our family has grown, our garage is overflowing, our closets cannot take another article of clothing, and we just need one more bedroom.  In the IT department we faced that same issue with the growth in the number of servers needed to satisfy the needs of the campus community. The existing server room in Harder Hall was at its limit. There was no additional power, cooling, or space available to add even one more server.

The Facilities Services department worked with the IT department to address this pressing issue. By shifting offices and reallocating space, Facilities was able to repurpose space in North Hall and in that space created a new modern computer facility. The new space has enough capacity to handle the computer infrastructure needs for the foreseeable future.

The move was accomplished the evening and night of May 20, with service restored to all computer systems by the morning of May 21. As you can imagine a great deal of planning and work were needed to accomplish this move. Kudos to the Facilities and IT staff who made this major improvement to the computer center possible!

- Jeff Clark, Director, Enterprise Systems