Award Recipients 2011-2012

Student - Phoebe 2012Phoebe Stein, Class of 2014, has been awarded a SEE-Beyond Award to participate in an internship program in Nicaragua with the organization People Helping People Global ( In Nicaragua, Phoebe will be acquiring experience on micro-lending. Congratulations, Phoebe!

Student - Jane 2012Jane Dowd, Class of 2014, who is a LAS and a Spanish minor, also won a SEE-beyond Award through the Spanish section of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. She will undertake an education internship in Guatemala arranged under the auspices of Safe Passage ( Congratulations, Jane!

Latin America is a region of multiple histories, a complex combination of native and world cultures and political systems, a distinguished literary tradition, and a dynamic presence in international affairs. The United States and its residents have long-standing political, cultural, historical, business and academic ties to this region, as well as with Latino populations active within its borders. The importance of Latin America abroad and at home provides a compelling reason to educate students in the broader context of Latin American politics, culture and society in preparation for participation in civic and professional life as informed citizens at home and abroad.

Students who elect the LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES MINOR will undertake the comparative study of Latin American society and culture, drawing from such disciplines as anthropology, archaeology, art history, economics, history, language, literature and political science. Through the minor, students will gain an understanding of the diversity and influence of Latin America and learn to develop questions and think critically about a foreign region from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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