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Hassan H. Lopez
Associate Professor, Psychology
Office: Tisch 156
Telephone: (518) 580 - 5314

Carol Lloyd

Neuroscience is the scientific community's effort to understand the mechanisms that give rise to thoughts, motives, and behavior.

The central mechanism of behavior is the central nervous system, and exploring it is a fascinating odyssey in natural science. Neuroscientists investigate the connections between events that occur at the subcellular level and the behavior of the whole organism. Addressing the fundamental questions of neuroscience requires the collaboration of specialists in diverse fields. Thus, although neuroscientists specialize in one particular discipline, they need to be cognizant of many related areas.

The neuroscience program is cross-disciplinary and taught primarily by professors in the biology and psychology departments; however, students desiring to do advanced work may choose to work with faculty from a wide variety of departments. This program is well suited for students who wish to pursue a career in research as well as in a variety of health related fields.  You can read more in our Mission Statement.

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