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Science Facilities

Science Facilities
Department/Program Labs and Equipment


Laboratories spanning the biological disciplines, a greenhouse and diverse field sites support teaching and student involvement in faculty research in areas including RNS metabolism, microbial genetics, plant biology, circadian rhythms, nervous system development, physiology, behavior, biological communities and evolutionary ecology.  Capabilities include advanced microscopic imaging, automated DNA sequencing, RealTimePCR, and HUMAN medical physiology simulation.  Consult the Biology Facilties page for details.


The Chemistry facilities are located in the recently-renovated Dana Science Center. The space includes teaching laboratories, instrument labs, and individual research labs used in faculty-student collaborative research. The department also makes use of the Physics Machine Shop and the Skidmore College Microscopy Imaging Center (SMIC).  A more thorough listing is found on the Chemistry Facilties page.


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science operates an MCS lab of Windows workstations, a Linux Lab of 21 workstations, and a research lab containing a small parallel computing cluster of 10 Apple XServers.  These computing labs are devoted to research projects and supporting the mathematics and computer science curriculum

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science Department has several state-of-the-art human performance laboratories, including a human-performance research lab with human anatomy and physiology lab, teaching lab, resting measurement/nutrition lab, hematology and biochemistry lab, work ergometry lab, body composition lab, environmental physiology lab, and a molecular exercise physiology lab. 


In addition to its science and neuroscience teaching laboratories, Neuroscience makes use of research facilities from both the psychology and biology departments.  The program has access to a wide variety of faculty-maintained laboratories including those focusing on cognitive neuroscience, DNA fingerprinting, behavioral neuroscience, and psychophysiology. A more thorough listing is found on the Neuroscience Resources pages.


The Physics facilities are located in the recently-renovated Dana Science Center. The Physics department facilities include a new general physics laboratory, machine shop, scanning tunneling microscopy laboratory, astrophysics and cosmology laboratory, superconductivity laboratory, and a radiation laboratory.


The Psychology Department is located on the first floor of the Tisch Learning Center (TLC), and the third floor of the Dana Science Center. The Psychology Department operates three teaching and research laboratory spaces along with 14 individual faculty laboratories. These include an animal lab; two perception labs; a psycholinguistics lab; a social psychology lab; two developmental labs; a clinical lab; cognitive and cognitive neuroscience labs; and additional research and teaching labs.